Panacea Weekend Teaser

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Hello friends!

Let's get this weekend rolling with our weekend teaser.

Do you think you know history well or you are great at making guesses? Or let's say you are the king or queen of sports. Well here are some awesome questions to prove it.

  1. In what year did the "soccer war" happen?
  2. Where is the birth place of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and in what year and month was she given birth to?
  3. When was the first general election held in Nigeria?
  4. Which governor general stayed in office for 46 days in Nigeria?
  5. How old is Anthony Joshua?

How to win:

1.  Drop your answers in the comment box of this post

2. Like our Facebook page at and follow us on twitter

The winner will be the person:

a. With the correct answers to all questions with answers posted in the comment section of this blog post.

b. Who follows us on Twitter: and likes our page on Facebook:

Reward - You stand to win:

1. One thousand naira recharge card of any Nigerian mobile network of choice.

2. An e-book of choice from three (3) options.


PS: All entries should come in on or before 4pm on Sunday the 7th of May.

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