The Post-Lockdown Mindset You Need to Adopt

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There is an alarming disposition of disregard towards post-lockdown safety measures. The threat of the corona-virus seems to have not just taken the back seat, but to have disappeared altogether.

Here in Nigeria, only a few people pay attention to the NCDC’s daily updates these days, and even then, the typical reaction is indifference. It is quite ironic seeing as reported cases climb to new heights daily, compared to the lower numbers during the lockdown. Your mindset during this period matters a lot more than you think.

People are going about their daily business without sporting face masks or any form of protection. It goes as far as some bars and clubs operating covertly in violation of the safety sanctions. It is understandable for people to desire some normalcy back in their lives after being restricted at home. Putting yourself at risk, however, is not worth it in any way whatsoever.

We must recognize the real threat that the corona-virus poses. That is not to say that the public should panic, but rather that we need to exercise caution. The consensus seems to be that the lockdown measure was relaxed because the virus is no longer a threat.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.

The lockdown period ended due to the urgent need to revitalize the economy. The safety measures put in place exist for a reason: to curb the spread of the virus. We need to develop a mindful mindset when it comes to adhering to these safety protocols. You do not have to be coerced or even asked to do the right thing; wash your hands, and maintain a reasonable distance from others.

Banks are among the institutions seen complying with the new regulations and practices. Well-spaced seating arrangements outside the banking hall have replaced the usual packed queues. The new system helps them guarantee not only the safety of their staff, but also that of the customers. The rest of us must follow suit and apply such careful practices in our daily activities. It is the only way we can successfully reduce the health impact of the pandemic.

In conclusion, always remember that your safety affects those around you. In the process of going about your daily activities, be mindful that we are in a new normal. We must take responsibility and play our part in making the world a safe place. Develop a mindful mindset today. It is only through our shared effort that we can beat this thing.

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