Parenting Tips during the COVID-19 Quarantine

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Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic,  normal family life for most people around the world has been disrupted. Routines and schedules have been toppled as we try to navigate our way through this quarantine period. The burden lies on parents to help guide their children in this period. This task can however be a very overwhelming job so here are a few parenting tips to smooth things over.

  1. Spending time with the kids

It can be stressful to spend a whole day looking after kids, while doing other housework and trying to keep busy. The solution is to have fun activities that foster engagement and create stronger bonds with the children. Here are some ideas you can use.

  • Ask them what they want to do. Kids are usually happier when involved in things they choose.
  • Read books or share pictures with them.
  • Dance to music or sing songs with them.
  • Take some time to help them with schoolwork.
  • Play games as a family (charades, board games, and other kid-friendly games).
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  1. Create a structure

With school on break, the daily routine that the children have been accustomed to is now disrupted. It can be difficult for them to adjust, which makes it important that you create a timeline - a schedule of sorts to help them.

  • Create a daily routine. You might start each day with a devotional or maybe an hour of exercise.
  • Try to create a little time for them to get some fresh air (within the home, without going outside if possible).
  • Create a timetable for hand washing and general hygiene check.
  1. Keeping your kids in the loop

There is a debate on how much you should tell your child about the ongoing crisis. The amount of information each child gets is usually dependent on the parents. You should be very careful how you approach the subject. You need to consider the age of the child - what they might or might not be able to understand.

Then it is important for you to understand that not telling them everything isn’t always a good thing. Children talk between each other and they might disregard your opinion if they get information from another source. Try to tell them as much as you can, without scaring them too much.

Secondly, watering down the severity of the pandemic might make some children frivolous about hand washing and hygiene. It is important to let them know how important it is to keep their hands clean and touch their faces less often.

That's it for parenting tips! Check out How to Get Your Teen to Open Up to You for more important parenting advice.

Stay safe.


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