Managing Your Expectations

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We all deal with expectations in different areas of our lives. Be it from the world around us or even from ourselves. Expectations are what we believe to be prospects of anything to come. They are a reflection of our opinion on how we desire things to turn out. Expectations could sometimes be based on available information, although most times it is subjective.

People can become very emotionally invested in their expectations; however, when these expectations do not materialize, it usually ends in disappointment. Anger and depression are also not uncommon reactions to expectations being dashed by unforeseen circumstances.

Expectations can be productive; giving you motivation and a sense of direction. They can also be a great way to track your progress and even challenge yourself to do more. On the other hand, dwelling on them too much can negatively impact one's well-being.

The key to avoiding such negative impact is to remember that when it comes to self-expectations, there will always be things that spin out of your control. Always. Similarly, you can't always expect the world to treat you the same way you treat it.

Work hard to improve your reality or reduce your expectations.

The biggest challenge sometimes is in  accepting that your expectations won't change a situation because they are unrealistic, lest you set yourself up for disappointment and regret.  Too many times people find themselves stuck in the mindset of over-ambition--the perfect house, the perfect job, the perfect partner, etc., only to find out that it isn't that straight-forward.

In striving to get these things, you end up failing to enjoy what you do get. This is because your focus is on what you think you should have gotten, rather than what you have.

So keep your emotions in check when expecting something from others or yourself. An objective point of view is priceless in such situations to guide you. And remember that your expectations will either work for or against you, depending on your application.

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