Leveraging on Work Relationships

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Connections form a large portion of who we are; your mindset and worldview are shaped by how you relate to the world around you. Relationships play an important role in our lives and are often a very capable coping mechanism. Work relationships can sometimes be just as vital as personal ones. Depending on the nature of the job most couples spend as much time, if not more, at work than they do at home. This, more than anything else, outlines the need for developing good work relationships.

Mutual respect and trust are two of the key attributes which make people click as a team. The absence of either one could lead to a deep in productivity. The extended periods spent with colleagues makes it necessary for everyone involved to get along.

Some benefits of good work relationships are;

1. Improved productivity

By far, the most direct result of good work relationships among workers is improved productivity. Where all components existing in a system not only know each other, but trust each to pull his own weight; success is guaranteed.

Teamwork is the perfect foundation for a successful venture in any field. If all the players involved can relate and communicate with one another in an amicable and constructive manner the business will surely grow. A feeling of connectedness in the workplace goes a long way in establishing peace of mind to execute one's tasks efficiently.

2. Improved retention rate

People tend to stick with things, places, and people that make them happy. Finding comfort in a work environment can be difficult and can also be as simple as getting along with your coworkers. The relationship between co-workers is a crucial determinant of whether or not they choose to move elsewhere. Good work relationships are usually rare and priceless once attained.

Working in a place where one is appreciated as a person not just for one's talent, helps to retain the initial interest in the job. Knowing you have people around you who care about your well-being will boost your morale.

3. Sound mental and physical health

You might think it's not important but your relationships affect your health and general well-being. Bad work relationships tend to increase your stress levels making you vulnerable to fatigue, high blood pressure, and even depression.

On the other hand, positive relationships can have healing qualities that can help you cope with daily responsibilities.

In conclusion, work relationships are a great way to add a bit of fun to your work-life. Informal outings as well as basic interaction can help you build positive relationships.

Why not give it a whirl!

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