Keys to Freedom

From antiquity, man has always shown the desire for freedom; freedom from oppressive communities, freedom from the mindless cycling and see-sawing of the weather and the consequent restriction on daily life, freedom from diseases, epidemics and natural disasters, etc. More recently, man’s quest for freedom is especially amplified in the proliferation of books and podcasts and seminars that claim to offer freedom in the contexts of money, emotional affairs, addictions, etc. the purpose of this article is to review some of the keys necessary for freedom.

First, a definition. Freedom has been defined by some as the power to act, speak, or think as one wants or the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. These last words are graphic and suggest how life-enhancing freedom really is; it is important however to remember that often times, the bonds that bind us are not shackles imposed on us in a literal maximum security prison but instead subtle limitations on our creativity and the fulfillment of our God-given purpose poses boundaries and restrictions that were unconsciously formed either by cultural values, societal norms or a personal fixation on limitations, inadequacies and lack of ability.

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Know what you want to be free from

Most people have a vague longing for freedom but sometimes since the enslaving party is not a physical entity, they do not know what it is they want to be free from. If truly freedom is our quest, one of the very important things we need to do is identify what we want to be free from- is it a destructive habit or an undue need for affirmation, or lack of essentials. There may not be any significant change in our lives if we cannot really vocalize what we want- it is like the story of the little boy who was asked what do you want for Christmas and answered that he does not really know, he simply wants a gift. For such an one, anything will do.

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Believe that freedom is possible

We must become convinced that firstly, freedom is possible and practical, then we make our quest for freedom a priority. Seeking for freedom must stop being simply, an item in our wish list and something we daydream about. It must take centre stage in our lives where we do not simply sit on our easy chairs, kick the shoes off our feet and wish we do not have to work so hard for so little or even that we live in another country, and then when that is done we sigh, continue with our daily routine and imagine that freedom is a sweet but unachievable ideal.

Be free by the right application of understanding

The next important thing to do then is to get free! Freedom will not come simply by building a library of works on ‘freedom’ or attending seminars where principles for becoming free are taught. If we do not put those things into practice,d. we will remain imprisoned but very enlightened. It is also important to state here that practicing these principles need not be a leap, they are better practiced in step after step. An example that portrays this really well is a child --- a child attains freedom of mobility not by leaping from the mother's back and running off to school in one minute; instead he crawls, stands, walks and then after a while he has learnt to run.

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In conclusion, freedom is an ideal that directs our life, however it is not an unachievable ideal; we can actually be free from worries, or addictions or someone else’s overbearing attitude or control, we can live debt free lives and fulfill our potential. However, freedom must be sought before it is got. So, while we mustn’t remain passive in our quest for freedom, we also mustn’t be hasty. Instead, step after step we gradually become free first in our minds, then it becomes visible to all.




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