Items to Keep Handy While in Quarantine

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These are trying times we’re living in. Businesses have been forced into a partial hibernation state, and people are in quarantine. However, it is important to understand that hope and patience are all we have left. Worrying won’t solve much, but being prepared and hoping towards a quick resolution goes a long way.

In this vein, here are some items you might want to keep around the house to stay healthy. So many people take these small things for granted, which shouldn’t be. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

Fresh Fruits and Veggies

More often than not, people don’t remember to add this to their shopping lists. Fruits and vegetables should always be first on your list, even more so now. It’s shouldn't just be meat and processed foods all the time.

The importance of fruits in your diet is undeniable; they are natural drugs that boost body function. Get a whole bunch of apples, oranges or whatever else you fancy. People tend to stress eat in situations like this and the last thing you want to do that with is junk food.

Clean Drinking Water

Healthy hydration is vital to good health in so many ways. It is important to take fluids steadily throughout the day. The average man should consume a minimum of 15 cups of fluids daily, which amounts to about 3.7 liters. Women need about 11 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids to maintain normal body function.

Water is especially essential to people running a fever or coughing, to provide key nutrients while they recover. So, bottoms up everyone!

Pain Medication

Keeping some pain medication at hand is not a bad idea at all too. Something mild which you can use for aches and pains could be very useful. Remember to consult your pharmacist or doctor about the drugs you can use. Do NOT self-medicate!

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Cough Medicine

This is definitely the worst time to have a cough. From evil stares to outright violence when one coughs in public, coughing is a big no-no. So, you should keep some cough medicine handy while in quarantine to avoid scaring people away.

You could also try out herbal remedies such as ginger. It is known to fight off cold and also relieve abdominal issues. You should also keep a thermometer at hand to track your temperature levels.

By the way, I heard through the grapevine that Brymo’s new album is out; might want to keep that handy too. You could create a fun quarantine playlist🙂!

Stay safe and stay home!

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