Fighting Boredom at Work

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Work can be tedious and, like that isn't bad enough, it can also be boring sometimes. It could be that your job is naturally slow-paced or you just find yourself feeling worn-out mentally. Even when your job isn't slow-paced, doing the same thing over and again can be irritatingly monotonous. This means you find yourself in the throes of fighting boredom at work.

It is a common feeling defined by a lack of interest or difficulty in concentration. This situation is more common among people working jobs at a lower level than their skill-set.

We all have to fight boredom at work at some point or another, so here are some tips to beat it.

  • Challenge yourself

Most times the primary cause of boredom is the absence of a challenge. If you don't feel challenged by your job, tasks might seem too easy and become mundane. You may enjoy spicing things up by setting new goals for yourself. Try to complete a task faster or see if you can go the extra mile and do more.

Research how other people doing your job approach their duties and see how you can switch things up. Sometimes boredom's greatest ally is routine. Do things differently.

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. - Dorothy Parker Click To Tweet
  • Pastime

I find that I am more productive when I buckle down and focus on a task. However, the likelihood of a burnout is usually very high. I usually can't maintain that focus for a long time, and it always leaves me mentally fatigued. On the other hand, when I take my time on a task (usually with my music on) and pace myself, I last a lot longer.

This might not work for everyone, but try to take small breaks from a task. You could have a miniature basketball with a matching hoop on your wall to mess about with. You could even try more conventional approaches like reading or any activity you find exciting.

However, be sure to discipline yourself and ration your time; don't trade productivity for excitement.

  • Keep good sleeping habits

You could be bored at work because you're not getting enough sleep at night. Your seven to nine hours a day should be a top priority. Working overtime and staying up late are the prime reasons for feelings of boredom during the day.

If after all this your case of fighting boredom at work persists, you might want to find yourself a new job.

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