Coping with Your Spouse in Quarantine

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The COVID-19 lock-down is likely to have you spending an unprecedented amount of time with your spouse. While that can be a very good thing for your marriage, it could also be a very testing period. It is not uncommon for couples to fall out more frequently when put in such situations. Coping with your spouse is a very tricky subject; one that requires a lot of attention.

The lock-down and the subsequent news of the potency of the corona virus is very likely to provoke mental issues. Feelings of anxiety, frustration, depression, not to mention fear, are very widespread during this time. Navigating those emotions can be tougher on some than for others. Consequently, it is important to pay attention to your spouse’s mood swings, as the case may be.

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There is a popular saying that goes “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. A lot of people would only begin to understand the message in that quote while stuck at home. Yes, you love your spouse, but can you love them for all 24 hours of the day… everyday? You might find your love being pushed to its breaking point with so much time.

Coping with your spouse

Blame, negativity, disgust and irritation are some of the chief issues that could spark a fire while in quarantine with your spouse. You should look out for these habits in yourself and be quick to squash them as they arise. In cases where you are on the receiving end of one of these acts, always make your feelings known in an amiable way.

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Your reaction to perceived slights on your person is very important in diffusing arguments with your spouse. Yes, your spouse might have offended you, but by reacting poorly you have also contributed to the problem. Think of this: is the matchstick exclusively to be blamed for the fire? The answer is no. Without the striking surface there would be no fire.

In other words, always remember that it takes two to have a fight. Your response and constructive conversations about your issues are what keep enmity at bay. Talk candidly and agreeably about your differences; make firm decisions on how to correct them. Relationships are like car engines; every now and again you need do a little work on it.

In conclusion, the most important virtue to have in coping with your spouse is: patience. You can never have enough of it, just like money. When you’re right have patience, and when you’re wrong have patience. You will find that a lot of the problems you have could have been avoided if only you’d cooled off a bit.

Always remember that a relationship is always a work in progress; it’s an endless job. Keep at it!

Stay safe. Stay together!

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