Applying Simplicity to Your Work Life

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In this, sometimes wild, journey of life we often find ways to complicate things. By its very nature, life is overwhelming and it can be a daunting task trying to simplify it. One such challenging aspect is: applying simplicity to your work life. We can often get stuck in our roles and rituals when it comes to work, neglecting new radical approaches for tested and trusted ones. However, these simple changes can heavily influence your satisfaction level at your job.

As is becoming more obvious by the day, the lines between work life and personal life are looking more and more blurred. Remote working has made it nearly impossible to delineate home life from work life. Being able to check emails and receive notifications at any time means you never really stopped working. This reduces the ability to create a safe space which is free of the stress of guidelines and expectations of the job. For all its advantages, remote working makes it hard for one to achieve more job satisfaction.

It is important to know what matters so these are some approaches for applying simplicity to your work life;

  • Set clear boundaries between work and personal time.

I saw a movie once where a famous singer was approached by a fan while having dinner with her family at a restaurant. The singer refused to take a photograph or sign an autograph. She simply said, "I came here to spend quality time with my family. Please excuse us."

The fan was understandably upset and put off by the response. However, the reality was that the fan had made the whole room aware of the singer's presence. This meant taking that one picture and signing that one autograph would have resulted in taking and signing a lot more. Consequently, the whole purpose of the dinner (which was to spend time with family) would be in jeopardy.

Harsh, but necessary. You need to make some strong choices in your work life. Setting clear boundaries on the time you spend at work and outside of work can be very vital in achieving satisfaction. The balance between your work life and your personal life is very crucial in reducing stress and getting the most out of both areas of your life.

  • A minimalist workspace

Take the bold step today and remove everything on your desk. Then select ONLY the essential items and reorganise them systematically.

It is always the simple that produces the marvelous. - Amelia Barr Click To Tweet

You would be surprised how much better you feel with a decluttered workspace. It is even more satisfying when your essentials are right where you need them to be.

  • Know who you are; your strengths and limitations

In conclusion, you need to develop a habit of working to your strength. If it's something you're not good at then always ask for help. There is no shame in learning; everyone has their limitations.

Be able to recognise and willing to act  when a task is beyond your expertise. Seek the counsel of someone more knowledgeable and let them guide you through it.

Add these simple approaches to your repertoire, and see how applying simplicity changes your work life for the better.

Stay safe.

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