7 ways to improve our children’s reading habits

Many people wish they were children again, not just to enjoy the innocence, but also to start over again with the knowledge they currently have. How about helping children gain that advantage of knowing a lot at their tender age to make important decisions. Improving the reading habits of children can help them gain a great amount of knowledge at a tender age, which will give them a good head start in life. Here are a number of tips on how you can improve children’s reading habits.

1. Reading with them
Isolating children during reading activities can make the exercise tedious. If you have a dedicated time for a reading session, spend this time with the child/children. Read along with them. Ask them questions about a paragraph they had just read. You may also ask them what they thought about these paragraphs that they read.

2. Make reading a fun thing
Children easily disengage from boring activities since they are barely under obligations to endure a boring reading session. You can make reading sessions more lively for them. Let them read with their friends.

3. Reward their reading activity
Children love positive reinforcement. They are happy to learn that they are rewarded for participating in an activity they consider right. Using positive reinforcement can improve the reading habits of young children. Keep little gifts handy and share them with children when they performed that desired activity of reading.

4. Ask them about what they read
After a reading exercise or session, ask the children what they learnt from what they read. If they had just skimmed through their book the first time and were unable to answer your questions, they might be willing to pay more attention to their reading, so they can get your questions right.

5. Encourage diverse reading
At their young age, children should be encourage to read widely so they know something about several fields. This can help them discover different niches which they might eventually focus on as they grow up.

6. Help them discover books in stages
When sharing books with children, you should give them books that are easy to read and understand before pushing the more complex ones to them. Sometimes, you can allow them read on difficult topics after you have piqued their curiosities with the simple ones.

7. Take them to a bookstore to choose their own books.
When you go shopping, you should take them to bookstores too and allow them choose which books they want. When you help children form a habit of buying good books, it helps their reading habits. They would also develop the culture to spend on acquiring knowledge just as they spend money on other things.

These are only some tips on helping children form a reading culture. If you know some more tips, you may share your ideas below.

Happy Children’s Day.
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