The International Day of the African Child

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The International Day of the African Child has been celebrated every year on June 16 since 1991. It was first inaugurated by the OAU (Organisation of African Unity). It acknowledges the sacrifice of those who partook in the Soweto Uprising in 1976. The celebration provokes the spirit of the collective to share something special with African children.

On June 16, 1976, roughly ten thousand black schoolchildren in Soweto, South Africa, filed in a column almost a mile long to protest the poor quality of their education. They marched for their right to be taught in their native language (Afrikaans). The children met severe police brutality. Police dispatched to control the crowd opened fire on the crowd killing well over a hundred of these young students.

On June 16 annually, governments, NGOs, global corporations, and other stakeholders consider the trials and opportunities confronting the complete fulfillment of the rights of children in Africa.

The Day of the African Child is also an occasion to start a dialogue for the continuous insufficiency of the education of children across Africa.

How you can observe the International Day of the African Child

We must come together as a global community to give African children the attention they deserve. It doesn’t matter how small; each act of kindness carries enormous weight. Find out about charities that support education for children in Africa and donate to the cause.

You could also be a voice for change. The problem only persists if we decide to be quiet about it; a conversation is the first step to a lasting solution. Use this opportunity to learn more about the issues faced by African children. Acquaint yourself with the situation and be a voice for reason.

Similarly, you can also keep an eye out for opportunities to help out at schools and your community however you can. There are  initiatives created to help African children excel. Check out the Nigerian Child Initiative and Save the Children to do your part.

Be a part of the revolution today. 2020 has been a tumultuous year; the world needs all the love it can get.

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