Fun Facts Friday: Random Amazing Facts About the World

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Fun is pretty hard to come by these days as staying at home all day soon zaps the fun out of every activity. However, the world in itself is a wonderful place and you might just find some fun facts if you look in the right places. Our world is and can be a strange and exciting place sometimes; the more you learn the more you realize you don’t know.

Here are a few fun facts that explain just how strange and exciting our world can be.

  • Mount Everest serves as a burial ground for over 200 bodies

More than 200 people have died while attempting to climb Mount Everest. The process of bringing them down is too demanding not to mention dangerous so most of the bodies are left there.

  • Pandas in zoos around the world are on loan from China

Pandas are natives to only one country of the world: China, which gives them total control over circulation of captive Pandas to world zoos. All Pandas outside China are on loan or rented. Those born outside China are still considered Chinese property.

  • Sliced bread was not invented until 1928

Just in case you ever wondered why period movies only have full loaves, sliced bread only became a thing in 1928.  The Chillicothe Baking Company in Chillicothe, Missouri produced the first pre-sliced bread.

  • Four babies are born every second

According to the Ecology Global Network four new babies are born every second around the world. That adds up to about 250 births per minute, 15,000 each hour and 360,000 every day. Amazing stuff!

  • You can monitor the world’s population increase/decrease in real time

Yes, you read that right. All you have to do is check the World Population Clock which gives a live countdown of births and deaths around the world. No, I’m not kidding, go check it out.

  • Shakespeare invented over 1,700 words in his lifetime

The much-acclaimed writer was actually quite fond of infusing his own creations into the language banks. We have since broadly accepted many of these words too, such as: rant, gloomy and luggage.

Isn’t the world amazing? Hope you had fun reading.

Stay safe.

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