How to set goals and achieve them in five simple steps

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Many of you might not agree with me, but setting goals is one of the easiest things to do. I’m being serious here. I can just wake up one morning and set a new goal, and off I go with the day.

Over the years, I have been able to set numerous goals this way – take an online course, go to the gym and get my six packs up, pick up a new language – the whole nine yards. Every time I set a new goal, I feel very proud of myself.

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Now, to the hard part – achieving those goals. Something tells me you are starting to agree with me that setting the goal is the very easy part, and in my experience, ‘something’ is rarely wrong.

A lot of people, including myself, are guilty of making a list of goals in our heads and never following through. It’s like writing them down in the beach sands of our minds where they can be easily swept off by the waves of emotions and time.

This is a new year, and we still have a lot of time to make those goals happen. I’ve still got about ten months left to get my packs, learn the new language and pick up an online certificate. I don’t know what it is you want to get done too, but here’s your best bet on how to set up goals and achieve them

Write your goals

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1. Make a decision

The first thing to do is make the easy part happen. You have been doing this for quite a while now, so it should not be much of a problem. Identify those things you want to go for this year and think them through.

Note that when setting goals, you have to be clear too. Instead of saying something like ‘I want to work hard at my savings,’ a statement in the line of ‘I want to achieve #ZZZ amount in savings’ is a more actionable plan. When you are done with that, the next thing you should do is…

2. Write it down

No. Not in those beach sands we just condemned up there. I know its fun to just want to keep the ideas in your head, but this is the time to get your pen and paper.

Knowing fully well that we now live in a digital world, you can create a sticky note on your laptop or phone and write your goals there. This is your list that no one has any influence over, so don’t be limited in what you plan to achieve. As soon as you have done that, you will need to…

3. Make them visible

There is this old English saying about how something being out of sight means it is out of mind too. That is not true for the aroma of a very good meal but applies in this case.
What you will want to do next is make sure you are always reminded of your goals.

If you have set them up on your phone or computer, pin those goals to your homepage/ desktop. You can write them on a sheet of paper and paste it on the refrigerator, the headboard of your bed or any other location you frequent in the house.
The next point of call would then be to…

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4. Make smaller goals

You just made some big goals that you are yet to get started with, and I’m asking you to make smaller goals. How absurd is that, right? If I may ask, please take a minute to walk with me. Let’s say, for example, you had a goal of getting your abs up by the end of the year like me. That is surely a big, long-term goal. Since it would not happen overnight, I can then set up a series of short-term goals.

These could be things like ‘spend five hours in the gym daily,’ ‘complete four sets with 5lbs weights for a month,’ ‘do a hundred sit-ups daily,’ etc. You will notice that none of these small goals would take as long as the big goal, but they ultimately lead to achieving it.
Doesn’t sound too absurd now, does it? Oh! Lest I forget, there is one last thing for you to do...

5. Tell a friend

Don’t tell just anyone. Tell someone that can hold you accountable. It could be a friend whose advice you respect, a close colleague from work… someone that can hold you accountable.

When you make your plans known to people, your subconscious immediately files such thoughts into the ‘Serious Cases: to be treated as priority’ folder of the mind. Your body is then readied to make sure you deliver on what you have promised. Of course, a lot of effort is still needed on your part.

One step at a time, but you are surely getting closer to the goal.

Speaking of telling a friend, you can share your goals with us and the Panacea community. We will try as much as possible to follow up and hold you accountable whenever we see you around here again.

Now that you have inside tips on how to set up goals and achieve them, I should probably stop writing and hit the gym now.

Question: Which of the ideas above did you find most helpful? What would you like to add? Share with us in the comments.

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