Reviewing Goals Made at the Beginning of the Year

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Reviewing Personal Goals for 2020

I have lost count of the number of times I have said the words, “The corona-virus has ruined my plans.” As far as defining moments go, the COVID-19 pandemic has set a new standard. Individuals, organizations, and even governments had to adjust to the new climate. So much for having plans, right? I bet most of the goals you set at the beginning of the year are looking a tad bit unrealistic now. Even the thought of reviewing those goals seems futile.

On the flip side, the restrictions caused by the virus benefited others. The case of Barcelona’s Luis Suarez, who was supposed to miss the remainder of the 2019/2020 season with injury, comes to mind. In such cases, the compulsory break from activities presents a weird opportunity for the likes of Suarez, who can now finish the season.

If you find yourself in the former group, you definitely can’t wait to see back of 2020. The past six months have felt like two very agonizing years you can’t wait to forget. The latter, however, find themselves in a strange position; mournful of the impact of the pandemic, but also grateful for the opportunity it provides.

Looking ahead to the future

With organizations having to restructure, and some even closing shop totally, goal-getting is an uphill challenge. My advice is this: make staying alive your top priority. Rebuilding can be slow, take your time and let things happen naturally. You might not be able to achieve all the things you set out at the beginning of the year, but remember to be thankful for what you have.

There is still much of the year left to come, and I have a feeling there are clear skies up ahead. Click To Tweet

Take a sober look at the goals you hoped to achieve this year, cross out the irrelevant ones, and focus on the major ones. The pandemic has made us realize that there is more than one way to do most things. The world had to shift a lot of its activities online, and find creative solutions to the safety measures. Use that same energy to address your goals for the remainder of the year.

Yes, a lot of things might have changed, but it isn’t all bad. Try to ask questions and study how people in the same situation are coping. Review your goals with pride; don’t feel the pressure to have achieved something beyond yourself. There is still much of the year left to come, and I have a feeling there are clear skies up ahead.

Stay positive!

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