Loving Thy Enemy; Key to a Bigger, Better You

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You’ve probably heard that statement a lot, "love thy enemy". Easier said than done, right? If one were to be so inclined to attempt it, how would one go about loving an enemy? Is it really possible? Advisable? Well, the answer to those questions is quite simple: you’ll never know until you try.

Christian or pagan, the roots of being a good person is based on how you treat others. Also, nothing is more indicative of the kind of person you are than the way you treat the people that mistreat you. Loving your neighbor sounds practical, and is probably just as easy as breathing. What happens though, if your neighbor happens to be your enemy? Do you love him/her then?

The answer is yes, improbable as it may sound. The importance of loving your enemy is a doctrine that resonates in all teachings and beliefs. It is very important for you to understand the relevance of not reciprocating negative feelings others may have towards you.

An “enemy” in this case might not be someone who is trying to kill you. It could be someone whom you never quite seem to be able to get along with. Rather than butt heads, you can take another approach. You might not even be the one at fault in the concerned matter, but be the one at peace.

I like to tell people: when two people quarrel, both of them are at fault; either by commission, omission, or disposition, each person has acted poorly. It, however, takes no small amount of introspection to reach that conclusion during a falling-out, myself included. Knowing isn’t always everything, and sometimes ignorance can be way better.

Instead of fighting to be right, fight to be happy.

The only way to truly love thy enemy is by having a limitless reserve of patience. Have a system of patience that is insurmountable and infallible. Approach it with the mindset that: You can never have too much patience.

When two people quarrel both of them are at fault; either by commission, omission, or disposition, each person has acted poorly. Click To Tweet

On the other hand, don’t mistake patience for inaction. People could take advantage of that should you display it. Have at the foremost part of your mind when dealing with an adverse opinion that: The end result I want is peace.

If you are able to apply that attitude in all your relationships, you are guaranteed long life. Some other benefits of loving your enemy include: peace of mind, happiness, and you could even make a friend out of an adversary.

You never know, until you try.

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