Dealing with Adversity; Surviving Negativity

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At some point in all our lives we’ve come across adversity in one form or another. Whether it is an adverse situation or an adverse person, we’ve all had to fight through something in our lives. Your ability to overcome unfavorable circumstances says a lot about you as a person. Some even believe dealing with adversity makes you a stronger, wiser person.

Adversity can come in myriad forms, and some people are better at dealing with it than others.

People tend to react differently when facing adversity; some can bounce back easily while others flounder. The difference is in the state of mind of a person; the problem is purely mental. Negativity is going to come your way no matter who you are or what you do. Dealing with it requires a presence of mind that negates harmful emotions or thoughts. No bad energy!

It is important to note that you shouldn’t deflect adversity; on the contrary, you should embrace it and learn from it. Problems you avoid now tend to become crises in the future. Therefore, the only way to overcome adversity is to work your way through it. It can be a very difficult task, and now and again we all need some help to push through.

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Here are some ideas for dealing with adversity;

  • Know yourself; know exactly who you are

When it comes to practicing any form of self-help, knowing yourself is the ultimate rule. You cannot deny what the world is saying about you if you don’t know the truth yourself. You must first conquer the beasts within before facing those without.

This brave new world is rife with labels and people itching to tell you which one is yours. You must get ahead of the trend and beat them to the punch. Own your flaws and know your limitations; once you master that no one can use it against you.

Knowing who you are is 80% of the work of dealing with adversity; the rest is ignoring the lies the world wants you to believe. However, you need to first know those lies for what they are. You have to stand for something or you will fall for anything.

  • Develop a sense of humor.

Why the long face sea biscuit? Chin up, life isn’t that serious! Learn how to find the humor in even the most ordinary things. Laughter eases stress and tension and can help shape your perspective and mood positively.

Humor is a very potent way of building resilience and overcoming negative outcomes. Try to do things and stay around people that make you laugh.

In conclusion, try to see adversity as a learning opportunity. If you can adopt this approach then it doesn’t really matter how the situation plays out; it’s a win-win for you anyway. Difficult times have an amazing habit of teaching us valuable lessons we wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

Stay safe.

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