Women of Aviation Week; Female Excellence in Aviation

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The second week in March marks a special time for women around the world. Since time out of mind, women have battled against prejudice and discrimination. They have been largely restricted by intrigues of the patriarchy. History shows us that this is not a new problem but a very old one… perhaps as old as time itself.

Despite all of this, the resilience of the female gender has persisted inspite of everything that has been thrown at them. So, this week we cast a spotlight on that resilience along with the International Women’s day commemoration, to celebrate all women.

Workplace inequality is one of the  subtle areas in which gender imbalance thrives. Women are subject to restrictions placed on their advancement within the job structure. This can sometimes mean that they do not get the same opportunities as their male counterparts, regardless of their qualifications.

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Raymonde de Laroche was the first female to be issued a pilot’s license.

Women of Aviation Worldwide Week is a global awareness week for women of all ages to mark the first female pilot license issued on 8th March 1910. Raymonde de Laroche was a talented engineer who inspired countless women in the air space industry. Her accomplishments are a benchmark for female excellence and distinction.

Chinyere Kalu is the first female to become a commercial pilot in Nigeria.

Another such trailblazer in aviation is our very own Chinyere Kalu. She was the first woman to fly an aircraft in Nigeria. She is a native of Ukwa East in Abia State, Eastern Nigeria. Kalu served as the rector and chief instructor of the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology from 2011 to 2014.

Kafayat Sanni is the first female fighter pilot in Nigeria

This prodigy emerged from the NAF 401 Flying Training School, Kaduna State, as the overall best pilot in 2017. She then undertook further training at the US Aviation Leadership Programme in the United States of America. Come October 2019, she returned having completed the training to become the first female fighter pilot in the Nigerian Air force.

Talk about girl-power!

She was decorated along with 12 new fighter pilots, one of which was Tolulope Arotile, who trained at the Starlite International Training Academy in South Africa, and is the first female combat helicopter pilot.

All around us women are doing great things, most of them underappreciated. These women and what they have been able to accomplish stands as a standard for others to follow. They have created a platform for young females to dream and aspire towards something other than the roles society dictates for them.

Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate these women for their bravery, dedication and industry, even as we celebrate women all over the world.

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