Vision 2020; Making 2020 Your Best Year Ever

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The Year 2020 is Here at Last!

I happened to stumble across one of those inspirational-quote pictures today. While I’m not usually a fan, this one caught my attention. The quote read thus: “If your biggest achievement this year was simply making it this far, waking up in the morning when you didn’t want to face the day, simply surviving – that is something to celebrate too.”

In my opinion, I believe this is very true. A lot of importance is always placed on goals and achievements gotten in the course of the year. Even though that is not necessarily a bad thing, we need to remember the top priority: life.

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Despite uncountable difficulties and staggering odds against us, we made it to 2020. In spite of the odds, regardless of not getting your dream house, or car, you are alive and well. While that might not seem important to you, you should consider the fact that so many people were not as lucky. Do not use someone else’s highlight reel to judge your own year.

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Your Journey is Different from Others

Each individual life is unique, each story different from the next. Do not compare your victories to that of others, or feel bad when you do not match their standards. Most people see life as a race, with the main aim of winning medals and glory. I like to think the real thing is far more nuanced than that. I believe life is a journey, and the medals and glory we chase count for less than we think they do.

To make this year---any year---your best year, you need to see beyond the material. You need to learn to count your blessings in whatever way they come. One technique I plan to adopt this year is to write down happy and memorable experiences as they happen during the year. Then at the end of the year, I will read through and appreciate the joy and happiness I was able to enjoy, rather than beat myself up about resolutions I didn’t accomplish.

I believe the actual idea (I also stumbled on this online) is to write those events in small scraps of paper and put them in a jar. A kind of piggybank, though in this case it would be more of a memory bank that you can break open at the end of the year and explore. You can also add pictures to make it more colorful. The idea is to appreciate the fact that success is subjective, and in my opinion, surviving 365 days is a great success story.

So, cheers to a successful 2020, and here’s to seeing you in January of 2021! Happy New Year!

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