Valentine’s Day Celebration in 2020

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Valentine’s day is here again, the smell of roses is in the air, promises are being made, vows are being taken, and engagements are being instigated. This is also a prime period for other things, which bear fruit 9 months from now. All in all, it is a wonderful time to be alive.

Valentine’s day is not only for the lovers, it’s for all of us regardless of relationship status. You can choose to take yourself out and not stay home sulking. You could go see a movie, preferably something violent (you may want to stay away from rom-coms). You could also do something you enjoy doing but might not always have the time to.

Unfortunately, we do not have forever so we can only love as much as we can with the life we’ve been given Click To Tweet

You could also take a page out of my book; watch football and binge-watch a new series while eating a lot of junk food. The series on my mind is The Witcher, been meaning to watch it for a while, and now I can finally make the time to do it.

Likewise, you could use valentine’s as an excuse to indulge yourself in something you either didn’t have the time for or didn’t want to spend money on. Spoil yourself, the whole idea of the day is to be joyful and transmit that feeling of love. It doesn’t matter whom it’s directed at, just try to have fun with it.

For the lovers out there, I don’t think anyone really needs to tell you what to do. You already have plans, I’m sure. So, all I can say is, have the most amount of fun you possibly can. Unfortunately, we do not have forever so we can only love as much as we can with the life we’ve been given. Tell your partner how much he/she means to you and remember to smile a lot.

Like I tell everyone at the drop of a hat (and even if a hat doesn’t drop) routine is the enemy of a good relationship. It usually leads to boredom and kills all the excitement in the relationship. So, do something different this valentine’s. If you usually go out for dinner, you can try an intimate stay-at-home dinner, or you could go see a movie or a concert.

Think outside the box, try to surprise each other with something different than you would normally do.

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