Tips for Book Owners and Borrowers

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Hello fellow book lover! Here are some crucial tips for you!

These tips identify five kinds of people you should keep your books away from:

1. The Possessors:
Once your book enters their hands, just forget it. Excuses upon excuses happen and you would never lay your eyes on such books again. If you are lucky though, you can re-borrow it when you go to their house in five years' time.

2. The Book Dumper:
I couldn't come up with a better name for them. These ones drop books anywhere. Rather than stack them neatly in shelves or arrange them, they dump them like a pile of dirty laundry. Your book comes back missing the cover and three pages plus looking all rumpled.

3. The Eaters:
Haa! When they eat ewedu, your book gets the oil. Pizza, your book gets tomato. Chips, your book somehow catches ketchup. They like to eat while reading or read while eating. Give them your book at your own peril.

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4. The Markers
These are the brilliant people of the class. They like to make notes and underline lines that catch their attention. Thing is, by the time they are done with the book, chei! The whole thing is marked with different colors. Distracting and ugly if you ask me.

5. The Generous:
Santa Claus of books, they will lend out a book that is not theirs. Like the possessors, you might not see your book again. But you can rest assured that your book is making its merry way round the world, being borrowed from person to person.

In conclusion;

Take careful note of the tips mentioned above. Also worthy of note are the ones that write phone numbers on pages, the ones that return the book dog eared, those that stuff things into books causing them to come loose from the spine, those with toddlers, and basically, the rest of the human race. Hehehe!

The point here is, take care of books.

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