The Importance of a Network and Relationship Building

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Relationships cut across all aspects of our lives. They are a very important part of who we are. The relationships and networks we form end up defining how we see and react to the world.

The importance of network and relationship building is evident in the success or failure of any endeavor. It is not always about what you know, but rather who you know. Yes, many a position is filled as a result of referrals from relationship networks. That is a cold fact.

People who don’t have an outgoing personality tend to shy away from networking and relationship building, usually to their detriment. Having a solid professional network unlocks opportunities that may otherwise remain out of reach.

Benefits of having a network, and relationship building

People in a network can help provide you with a perspective on certain issues. A fresh pair of eyes and ears might just be what you need to resolve a particularly difficult situation. They provide an avenue for you to learn new ideas and approaches. They can also provide support, and help you spread your sphere of influence, unlocking fresh prospects.

Tips for networking in your workplace

  • Take active part in company social and community events. Don’t be a wallflower; mingle  with the crowd.
  • Volunteer for meetings and course opportunities when available.
  • Don’t be an island. When you’re lost always ask for help.
  • Form the habit of having lunch with a colleague, or take breaks together. Make meaningful conversations and try to bond with others.
  • Always be happy to share what you know, and the resources you possess.
Your network doesn’t have to be populated with people from your workplace alone. It is important to get a variety of contacts in different fields. Click To Tweet

In conclusion, diversifying your interests gives you far more options than you would ordinarily have. You need people with outside viewpoints, people with practical information that you need from backgrounds dissimilar to yours. By doing this you expand your knowledge base and erect a foundation for success.

Start trying to form good relationships today!

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