The Company Man vs The Entrepreneur

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Yes, this age-old argument lives on. The pros and cons of both have been repeatedly dissected and yet opinion remains divided. Which is the advisable route; the company man, or the entrepreneur?

The company man is simply the employee. He/she works for the business owner, and reports to a superior or authoritative body. The company man earns a salary, and his/her employment is subject to agreed contractual terms. He/she can also be terminated from a position per provisions in the employment contract.

On the other hand, the entrepreneur is the business owner. He/she is responsible for decision-making, and bears a large part of the risk while keeping the majority of the profits. He/she cannot be terminated from the job.

The information above gives a very brief description of both sides. From it, we can pick out certain advantages and disadvantages that serve to bolster the argument that one is, to some extent, preferable to the other.

However, the answer should be obvious; you can do both.

At no other time has this been as self-evident as it was during the lockdown period. Jobs come and go. An employment  is at the whim of the employer and factors that may be out of your control. Entrepreneurship may also not cover all the bills, which makes it vital for you to find a balance between both options.

The world is evolving; it is time you followed suit.

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