Thanksgiving: Preparing for the Holidays

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Thanksgiving: Preparing for the Holidays

It's November! A month of thanksgiving and joyously preparing for the holidays. The calendar is drawing close, therefore, there would soon be a lot of eating, drinking, partying and spending money.

In other words, a lot of things need to be put in place. from special clothes to special recipes, organizing hangouts, buying gifts, and many other things in between. November is the month of discount sales and saying "thank you". It is not too early to get started, at least, with a plan. The list below, however, can serve as a rough guide.

Holiday Preparation Guide

1. Clear out the store: Since you will be doing a lot of buying, it is best to make a clean fresh space for it all while looking to see what is left. Clean out the kitchen store, your closet and the garage. Throw away the things that can’t be used, identify what needs repair, give out what is in good condition that you won’t need/use, and mark out the things you actually need. You don’t want to go buying a packet of seasoning cubes or a new pair of joggers when you have them already. Unless, of course, you need them.

2. Make a list of people you need to get gifts for. From Grandma to Tomi, your tailor, if you want to appreciate them, add them to the list. This way, you won’t forget the people who  made the year memorable and run into panic-buying at the last minute.

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3. There should also be a list of family and friends you need to catch up with. Should you meet them individually or throw a party, or should you just disappear till the season is over? Heheeehe. The idea here is to plan your outings so you don’t stretch yourself thin.

4. BUDGET (caps lock intentional). If you are anything like most people, the spending season does not mean increased income season, which means you need a budget. You still need to transport yourself to work, you know. Draw a budget and follow it. Avoid incurring debts.

5. Sounds cliche but, remember the reason for the season - Thanksgiving. In preparing for the holidays, thanksgiving is also very crucial. Try not to get too caught up in the activities; doing that can drain you and that defeats the purpose of it all. Take out time to be grateful for how far you have come and how much you have done. Say thank you for the littlest acts of kindness and all of your accomplishments.

Let me start. Thank you for reading.

Happy November!

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