Staying Fit While Stuck in Quarantine

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Why you need exercise

Paying attention to physical health is an excellent coping mechanism for keeping unease at bay. It can also be a medium for channeling a little bit of normalcy into quarantine life. Besides, your physical well-being is tied to your physical fitness; it’s not just about eating right, you also need exercise. Staying fit can also simply mean staying active--cleaning and gardening are viable options.

The WHO recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week. You could even go on further to try a combination of both, but always try to track your energy level and know your limits.

Tips on staying fit at home

  • Join an online exercise class or get a fitness app

There are a lot of free exercise classes online that you could join for free; try searching for some on YouTube. These classes create amazing routines you can use at home with or without gym equipment.

You could also download fitness apps on your phone for the same effect.

  • Take walks

Even if it’s only in an enclosed space, try to keep moving as much as possible. Try walking through actions you’re usually stationary for; like brushing or talking on the phone.

  • Play action games (preferably with family)

Try to play games that involve a lot of movement and physical activity, and exert you a bit. You could try playing charades or look up other active games you could play.

You could even play a game of soccer, provided you have the space and can keep yourselves clean while at it.

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  • Try to sleep early and eat right

A good night’s sleep is just as important for your health as eating healthy and exercising constantly. Poor sleep is linked to weight gain; quality sleep is vital for people trying to lose weight. Good sleeping habits could also boost concentration and foster productivity.

Being stuck at home means people indulge themselves by staying up late and eating indiscriminately which is bad. Try to have a sleep and food schedule--just because you’re not going out in the morning doesn’t mean you should stay up all night.

A schedule is your best friend during this quarantine lock-down; have a daily plan and make routine adjustments to your habits.

Stay safe.

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