Setting Yearly Goals (Realism or Surrealism) – 2

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Welcome back to setting goals!

Let’s get straight into it: the unrealistic goals school of thought.

A friend told me sometime last year (I promise I’m not making these conversations up) that: “Money must be made, I’m targeting $1 million come 2020.” That opinion belongs to the school of thought we want to examine today. This type of goal-setters aren’t restricted by the impracticality of their expectations.

A popular saying goes: “Shoot for the stars, and if you fall, you land on the moon.” This best encapsulates the idea of this group of people, and their approach to setting yearly goals.

In contrast to the realists, this group has an incessantly optimistic disposition when it comes to what they hope to achieve. They do not exactly have an issue with making unrealistic demands from themselves. Instead they see it as a form of motivation, to keep on striving towards some desired end.

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The Dreamers

People who fall under this category are not afraid of putting themselves in positions where they might fail. Some even get a rush out of punching way above their own weight. The thrill of the challenge and the possibility/glory of surmounting against staggering odds is the appeal of this approach.

They are usually called dreamers, seeing as very few (if any) of their goals are manifested in reality. They revel in excesses and are more than willing to explore the limits of their wild imaginations. Goals are set regardless of their present situation and available resources.

The word impossible does not exist in their vocabulary. After all, we live in a world filled with limitless wonders, so why should goals be restricted? Dream big, or don’t dream at all!

The question is: what approach should one adopt?

Both the realistic and unrealistic goal-setting systems have their advantages. So, I will tell you what I believe: do what works for you. If you are the type that doesn’t react well to failure or setbacks, then you should set more realistic goals. Never be ashamed of whatever little you are capable of. Don’t compare your success to others, focus on yourself and own your struggles. Know who you are.

On the other hand, if you are left feeling unsatisfied even after you achieve all or most of your goals, consider setting your sights higher. The pivotal thing is to know yourself, your capabilities and your emotional range.

Master yourself and watch everything else fall in place.

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