Pay It Forward Day: April 28 2020

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Today is Pay It Forward Day and I can’t think of a better timed observance or celebration. Now more than ever, the world needs as much kindness as it could possibly muster as we battle the corona-virus. Random acts of kindness and benevolence would go a long way in effecting positive change in these difficult times.

Pay It Forward Day is a worldwide initiative which is geared towards creating a ripple effect of kindness across the globe. The global celebration is held on the 28th of April every year. It has no links to any organization or foundation. It exists as a free-for-all celebration of selfless acts of kindness and goodwill all over the world.

Inspired by the Pay It Forward Movement by author Catherine Ryan Hyde, Blake Beattie started Pay It Forward Day in 2007.

The holiday, which started in Australia, now fosters love and communal kindness in more than 85 countries including Nigeria. The ultimate goal is for each and every one of us to take responsibility for the world around us. Kindness starts with you, one small act of compassion could inspire someone else to do the same and birth something beautiful.

All over the world today people are engaging in random acts of goodwill, so don’t be left out. Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give”. Paying kindness forward means helping someone solely because you can. It requires no reciprocity or even prompting; you just do it to share the love around.

One excellent example I like to reference is that of the amazing Florida Starbucks pay it forward chain. In 2014 a woman paid for her coffee and that of the man behind her in the line. The man then paid for the coffee of the person behind him and the subsequent 377 customers followed suit. That small act of kindness by the woman blossomed into something far more than she could’ve hoped for.

That story embodies what this holiday is about; you are not paying back, but instead paying forward. Think about how much more of a better place the world would be if we all looked out for each other like that. Let’s all make an effort to put some good into the world today!

No act of kindness is ever too small, or too big.

See more information about the holiday here.

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