Outlying Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic

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It can suffice to say that 2020 hasn’t gone according to plan. It is pretty safe to assume no one could have scripted the current global situation. The effects of the Coronavirus have been quite drastic to say the least.

Our hearts go out to those who have succumbed to the disease and those currently fighting it.

The far-reaching impact of the Coronavirus could predictably instigate some long term consequences. There is a need for us to prepare ourselves for the inevitable. There will quite possibly be political and socio-economic fallouts on a hitherto unseen scale. Evidence of this is already coming into effect in countries around the world.

The very nature of the virus disregards any physical or social borders, affecting the big and small alike. Necessary response to the outbreak would see hospitals and medical facilities stretched beyond reasonable proportions. This is not to mention the mass displacement of millions seeking to avoid contamination. This could result in evacuee camps with poor services and rampant malnutrition among the less fortunate.

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Countries with a history of political unrest are also experiencing spikes in  protests of their political systems. Masses in Iraq have refused to abandon mass public gatherings, instead they clamor for the disease to take its toll on the country’s leadership.

A similar case could be found in Thailand as students have ignored calls to end protests for political reforms. This is as a result of the dissolution of the popular pro-democracy party Future Forward by the Constitutional Court. They have employed a remote approach, using online communities to further their protests.

The long-term domino effect of the Coronavirus could have a vital socio-economic impact.

An inestimable amount of people face disruptions in their lives and work as a result of the virus. Streams of income have dried up as people are forced into monitored quarantine measures.

Companies and organizations could be looking more into remote working arrangements and applications. This trend will likely gain momentum in the coming months as companies offer their workers the work-from-home option. Freelancing is also experiencing a significant boost in popularity during this period.

One more issue of contention is the world’s perspective of China as the manufacturing hub of the world. There could well be a significant shift in this mentality as countries explore safer, self-sufficient measures. This could mean more strict restrictions and regulations placed on nations with severe cases of exposure.

Global pollution levels have also understandably dropped as industrial activities are on hold around the world. However, experts warn that this might have a huge negative impact when activities resume as increased efforts to compensate for the dry spell could then see pollution levels reach unprecedented heights.

We can only hope it all comes out well in the end, and do our part by staying at home till things get better.

Stay safe.

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