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A minimalist is anyone who likes things very simple. Minimalism is a method of living without too many attachments – physical, emotional, social and otherwise. It is the opposite of hoarding and clutter.

Minimalism is about living intentionally, focusing on what is important and discarding what is not. It is a great way to stay grounded and focused on your goals because it removes distractions and helps you prioritize. Because what is essential differs from one person to the other, a minimalist lifestyle is a very personal journey.

For one, owning property is an extra they would do without, while for another it might be an essential. The goal is to have less clutter, time commitments, negative thought patterns and toxic relationships, and to have more time, space and energy to focus on things that are meaningful to you.

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Tips for decluttering your life

~ Your social media accounts: Unless for work or other business purposes, do you really need to scroll through the thought processes of 3,528 facebook friends and 8,000 IG following? It's like sitting in a market place and listening to every conversation. This is not good for your mind. Reducing the number of people whose lives you look at on a daily is a good idea or, better still, reducing how much time you spend looking at them.

~ Your phone book: Go through your contact list regularly, there are people whose numbers you really do not need to keep. Imagine having two sim cards full with numbers yet none is of importance. And by important, I don’t necessarily mean rich or influential. Although those are important too, you know😉.

Ask yourself, in the last 2 years when I have needed something, whether someone to celebrate with or someone to help me, did this number come in useful? It really can be frustrating to scroll through your contact list in a time of need and find no one that either can help or can link you to help. That may be a sign to clean up your phone book.

~ Your closet: Yup! Your closet. You have clothes that have not been worn in two years or more. Clothes that no longer fit or have never fit. Give them out. Make space for new ones. This goes to shoes too and every other thing. Stop the hoarding.

~ Your personal spaces: Make your interior space as tidy and as clear as possible. It sure has an effect on how relaxed you would feel in your space, how clear your mind feels and how productive you are generally.

~ Relationships, associations and hobbies: Socializing is a good thing. In fact, it is part of our essential qualities as humans, but all that commitment to the different groups you belong is sapping you of time, energy and productivity that you need to do personal stuff. Not to talk of the emotional strain of dealing with all those humans. Maybe a break is needed from a couple of them.

In conclusion, minimalism aims at focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.

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