Healthy Living and Self-Improvement

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At no time has healthy living been as important as it is now. COVID-19 has given us a different perspective on a lot of things, especially health. With the world on a compulsory holiday, we are beginning to learn more about ourselves. This time spent on self-reflection might unearth some room for growth or improvement of self.

We shouldn’t need a pandemic to understand the importance of healthy habits and personal hygiene. We have all since had to take compulsory measures to improve our hygiene, which is a positive in an otherwise terrible situation. It is however important that we see these measures as permanent adjustments to employ even after the crisis abates.

Healthy living encompasses both physical and mental health.

In many cases, physical and mental health are closely linked in the sense that each directly impacts the other. So, it is important to observe the connection between your moods and how they affect your physical health. For example, your physical health could be negatively affected by certain habits you indulge in when in a particular mood.

Some people tend to eat a lot when stressed, and not necessarily healthy foods too. You don’t need to be a doctor to see how this can affect your physical health. Drinking is also another habit that could be triggered by certain emotional issues. Such things take a toll on your physical health and could cause serious complications.

Similarly, over-thinking and not getting enough sleep are mental health problems which could impact your physical health. Are you getting the required 8 hours of rest every day? These habits could severely damage your mental well-being and could have negative physical results.

It is obvious that both the physical and mental health are irrevocably linked so you should pay attention to this connection. Read health journals (you can find some on our e-library), and follow health-related pages on social media to better your understanding on the subject.

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In conclusion, remember not to push yourself too hard. Don’t be afraid to start small. Some people procrastinate because they are afraid of completely withdrawing from certain habits. You can pace yourself; have a detailed plan. Take it a step at a time, reduce your dependence and try to limit your indulgence. Consult a professional if you ever feel you need help.

Be well. Stay safe.

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