Habits to Boost Your Productivity in 2020

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Habits are integral components of happiness. The hustle and bustle of life can be overbearing, and there’s nothing better than a little R and R. What do you do in your downtime? Here are a few things you might want to try out this year.

  • Listening to music

Yes, it might sound a little cliché but it’s very often underrated. Music is a strong conductor of mood and can shape how you see the world around you. You could have a commute to work playlist to help you start the day on a good note.

The right kind of music can put you in the right state of mind for the challenges of the day. Apps like Deezer can help you with automatic playlists and an inexhaustible library for all your needs.

This next one might sound a little weird…

  • Taking a long, hot shower

Few things measure up to the healing and therapeutic qualities of a hot bath. The heat soaks into your body and bleeds out all the stress and tension, leaving you refreshed and reformed. This is one of the things I look forward to the most after a long day.

Turn on the faucets, you could even turn your bath into a virtual karaoke bar, sing along to your favourite songs and unwind.

  • A bowl of fruits on the centerpiece

It never hurt anyone to eat right. If you’re like me, you find it difficult to be consistent about including fruits in your diet. There is a simple solution: buy in bulk, stock it in a bowl and put it on the centerpiece. It’s hard to forget to eat them if they’re right under your nose all day.

A lot of apples, some oranges, and carrots are a good start. Try to get fruits with a reasonable shelf life, and place them in a prominent location.

Last but not the least…

Reading is a great escape mechanism; it provides that necessary hiatus from the monotony of reality Click To Tweet
  • Read a good novel now and then

Crack open a book occasionally. Get the Panacea app; add a couple books to your bookshelf. You can read on your phone while waiting in line at the ATM or even while in the toilet. Yeah, I said it. Make it one of your habits, you might surprise yourself and like it.

Reading is a great escape mechanism; it provides that necessary hiatus from the monotony of reality. Grab a book today!

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