Guide to picking gifts for family and friends

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Guide to getting gifts for family and friends

Deciding what gift to buy for someone is one of the hardest things to deal with this season. Have you ever given someone a gift and they didn’t like it? Here is a guide of categories of people, so that picking a gift is much more easier and fun.

Let’s go!

People generally fall under two categories.

1. The ones who prefer items: These ones like to open packages and see something. They prefer hard copy evidence of their relationship with you. In five years’ time, they want to pick a mug and remember who gave it and for what occasion.

Under the gift people, there are sub-categories.

▪ The Practical: They love gifts that can be used in their day-to-day life. It helps if it’s something they have not gotten around to getting for themselves. For this set of people, you would need to take a look around their lives to figure out what they need, what they need to change or what they would find useful.

Examples: A new leather bag to replace their worn-out one. A matching set of bed sheet and pillow cases. New sneakers to match their new pair of jeans, etc. You get it.

▪ The Fancy: People in this category don’t mind a bottle of expensive perfume that they get to spray only once in a year, or to have that beautiful dress gifted them three years ago that they have never worn because there has been no occasion to wear it. They really would love a neon pink rug even if it doesn’t go with the rest of the house decor.

2. The ones who would prefer an experience. They would rather go for an event or activity than get a specific thing. For them, it’s about the memories they make with you than about any item you give to them.

Where you should take them depends on what kind of person they are. Do they prefer indoors or outdoors? Do they mind being in a crowd or they would rather not? Some guide ideas include but are not limited to: paintballing, a play or stage performance, a soundless party, tickets to a concert by their favourite artiste, etc.

The list really is endless.

Now, you probably understand why you gave your partner that expensive wristwatch and they were not as excited as you thought they would be.

Let’s start with you. Which of the categories do you fall under?

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