Fun Facts Friday; Earth Hour in 2020

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Yay! It’s Fun Facts Friday!

Today we are going to be learning about one of the world’s most radical grassroots movements for the environment.

Earth Hour is a symbolic lights-out event held around the world where millions switch off their lights to show love for the earth. The event is held on the last Saturday of the month of March each year.

It was first observed in Sydney in 2007 but has since been celebrated in 180 countries. Subsequently, it has come to mean much more than just the symbolic act of switching lights off thereby facilitating positive environmental impact. Earth Hour has helped expedite vital legislative changes by utilizing the influence of collective action.

Why is there an Earth Hour?

It's aim is to start conversations on how we can protect nature and improve our environmental impact. It is a reminder of the need to fight climate change so we can ensure the health, prosperity and survival of the earth.

It calls out the reckless influence our activities have on our environment. Natural systems are important for survival, yet we continue to deplete these resources at an unprecedented level. Earth Hour is a soldier in the fight against the horrors we are inflicting on our planet.

8:30 PM Local Time is Earth Hour.

Even as we struggle with the complications of the Coronavirus, Earth Hour serves as a moment of unanimity for the world. Global communities would be coming together to celebrate and organize the event digitally. Individuals, businesses and organizations will be uniting to renew their commitment to the planet.

In conclusion, 28th of March 2020 is the day of the event. Join people around the world to celebrate the beauty and biodiversity of nature. See more information on how to participate here.

Stay Alert. Wash your hands. Stay at home. Stay safe.

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