Everyday skills, hacks and tools to learn in March

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Living life requires some getting used to. There are always things to be learnt that really can make life easier. This month is a good time to learn new skills. Below is a list that you can pick from.

1. Cooking – This one is first on the list because food is important. Everyone eats so everyone should know how to cook. You can start with basic meals and cap it up with knowing how to make one special meal. You know, a coup de grace on your culinary ability.

2. Changing a tire – If you drive, it makes perfect sense to know this.

3. Fixing a socket – It's just a socket, no need calling the electrician to come all the way for only this. Same goes for other little electrical issues like changing the microwave plug. Note though that electricity is a tricky thing. Know when to call in a professional.

4. Sewing with a needle – Haa! We've all had those days of minor rips and accidental tears. Knowing how to work a needle comes in handy at such times.

5. Driving – You can totally boycott this but try not to. Emergencies happen and it may come in useful.

6. How to use a first aid box – A literal life saver.

7. Swimming – This is both a sport, a leisure activity and on some days, something that can save a life.

Living life requires some getting used to. There are always things to be learnt that really can make life easier. Click To Tweet

8. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

Corporate Skills

9. Writing a proposal

10. Public speaking – This may not look like much but there usually are those days when knowing how to talk to a crowd means a lot e.g when pitching a proposal.

11. Writing letters and emails

12. Negotiation

13. Communication

14. Computer appreciation

15. Critical thinking and analysis

16. Calculate your tax and other finance skills – Understanding how money works is a very important adult life skill.

17. Basics of Social media management

Fashion hacks

18. Packing or plaiting hair – You and your girls will definitely hang out. Knowing how to help each other arrange yourselves is a sure useful thing.

19. Making waist beads – Beads are the latest thing and they can cost a lot for something that is only a little more than stringing beads together on a rope.

20. Fixing and painting your nails – Saturdays are for self-care and a bit of manicure and pedicure.

21. Basic makeup skills – Make up artists are a gift to womankind but it's not everyday you can afford one. Learning basic makeup is sure a useful skill.

It’s a long list but you don’t have to do it all. Pick one or two that piques your interest and follow through with them.

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