Equal Opportunity; Eliminating Marginalization

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Equal Opportunity; Myth or Reality

Equal is a word which divides opinions more often than not. It is a problem which has always existed since man became aware of his ability to form and hold his own opinion. In other words, man lives the vast majority of his life governed by prejudices or preferences which he cannot justify.

Equal opportunity is a standard of impartiality in which job applicants are considered and treated equally, and not made subject to man-made hindrances or bias.

The end result should always be putting the most qualified candidate in the available position. This is regardless of random personal reasons such as gender, race, ethnicity, or having well connected contacts. In addition, it means looking beyond natural features such as disability and age.

Only when we begin to look beyond our personal preconceptions of the world around us can we fully harness equality Click To Tweet

Opportunities should be available for all parties, without bias, such that each one has equal chance, and selection is solely on merit. The reverse of this case is usually the more common approach, especially here in Nigeria. Positions are rarely appointed on merit, but most often by the amount of clout and connections a candidate possesses.

The reasonable option would be to provide a level playing field for all involved to have a fair fight. The issue of equality also stretches far beyond employment alone. From sex discrimination, to race and age discrimination, inequality is well and thriving.

Can the World be Free?

Nothing less than a miracle could free the world from marginalization. Labels such as white & black, male & female, rich & poor are going to be around for a very long time. It is near impossible for equality to progress in the shadow of this markers. Only when we begin to look beyond our personal preconceptions of the world around us can we fully harness equality.

It starts in small places, you might think you’re never guilty of it but you would be surprised. What is that tribe of people you always said you could never have as tenants in your house? Or the tribe you’ve sworn you’ll never hire in your office? In one way or another, we are all guilty.

It takes very careful, conscious, and persistent work to employ equality in everything we do. From selecting your friends for jobs first, to disregarding a candidate because of attributes they have no control over, we need to do a better job at being fair.

You could begin by making a difference in your little corner...

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