Cultivating Healthy, Simple Online Habits

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Is it possible to have healthy online habits?

The internet is a pool of excess information. Much like all things that exist in excess, it can be overwhelming and inherently dangerous. Perhaps the most intoxicating feature is the ability it has to evolve and spawn seemingly endless content. Humans are subject to time as a temporal dimension, but the internet doesn’t play by those rules. Time has little to no effect on the internet, and the more we find ourselves drawn in to these online habits, the more time we let slip by.

How then can you cut through the garbage and maximize the quality of content you get without splurging on quantity? You can simplify your approach towards interacting with the internet by simply being able to let stuff go. Not everything out there needs to be seen, felt or heard. Ignorance can be bliss, you know?

Let’s explore some ways to employ healthy online habits.

• Use social media less often

You don’t have to be on all the social media platforms. Except if you’re a social media influencer or sell goods online, you don’t need all of them. Most times ‘staying in vogue’ is the primary reason most people have an addiction to social media.

There is this incessant need to consume everything the world has to offer, on a daily or even hourly basis no less! Let me be the one to tell you: you cannot follow it all. No matter how devoted you are, things would always slip by.

So why tire yourself out over the inevitable? Set boundaries for your exposure to online content; reduce your presence on irrelevant platforms. You can stick with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for socials and cut the rest. It won’t kill you!

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• Pick credible news sources and stick to them

This is even more important in this panic-stricken period the world is going through. Information on the spreading pandemic is important, but getting the right information is even more important.

There are parties out there who simply want to exploit the situation to make profit. Others could just be looking to spread panic and foster chaos. It is in times like this that you need to identify credible outlets of information, and stick to them!

Don’t be a Johnny-read-all! Just because it is written doesn’t make it fact. From random broadcasts on Whatsapp to questionable news sources, false information is alive and well. Don’t just search for a keyword on the net and believe everything you read. Confirm the credibility of the sites, and messages then confirm the credibility of their sources too before spreading the content.

Bad information is far worse, not to mention dangerous, than no information. We need to exercise the utmost caution when sharing news with people around us. It is advisable to double check, and then triple check. You can never be too safe!

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