Back to School: Splendor and Graceful Living

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August is arguably the shortest month of the calendar year, to me at the very least.

However, I daresay a sizable amount of people would be willing to agree with me; even if they might all be students. But regardless of what you think or believe, August is gone and September is here in all her shining glory. So, allow me to bid you a warm welcome to a month of splendor and graceful living.

September for many, mostly students in this case, is a very hectic month, more so after the lull and relaxation of the summer holidays. For the rest of us working Joe’s, it’s the same old song. Consequently, September is an “everybody to the oars” kind of month, full of activities and new beginnings.

Shaking off the slow-paced disposition from the previous month can be a tough task for both parents and students alike. It can be difficult getting back to that regular routine you were so accustomed to before the summer break. The emergence of new activities and tasks, coming from all directions at once, can be very overwhelming. It is not uncommon for people to break under the pressure of having very little time to adjust to a new system. The key to making that smooth transition, from the relaxed/flexible routine to a more rigid one, is scheduling.

Yes, it’s that simple. Draw up an excruciatingly detailed schedule which outlines not just the tasks you plan to carry out, but also all the steps involved with the people required each step of the way. Your schedule can never be too detailed, err on the side of caution.

Contingency plans should be appraised and put in place, keeping in mind that; “whatever could go wrong, would go wrong”.

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September is the time to put those Excel skills you’ve been honing to great use (If you’re yet to hone your Excel skills, I strongly suggest you do so; post-haste). Whip out the spreadsheets and create a time schedule for work and also for your home, leaving nothing whatsoever to chance.

The words you don’t want to hear yourself saying a lot this month are; “I’m going to wing it”. For this writer especially, sticky situations always seem to spring forth from that statement. Take time out to plan each activity, carefully considering time and resources, consequently ensuring that even when things go off-kilter you have a structured outline to consult.

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Those tasks that look daunting now lose their power once you apply time and thought to their execution. Take charge of things this month, grab the bull by the horns and steer in the direction you want to go. This month you’re Hiro Nakamura from the show “Heroes”; you’re the master of time and space. This month, you’re the guy/gal with a plan. You’re unstoppable!

Go out and shine in splendor and graceful living. See you on the other side.

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