The Abuja Literary Festival by The Abuja Literary Society (ALS): Nigeria To The World #ALitFest 18

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The Abuja Literary Society (ALS) is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Ever wondered how Achebe did it? How the words flowed from his pen to the world? Or how Okigbo's mind interpreted his expressions and shared them with his paper?
Does it bother you that your poems, your poetry, your expression are not as good as they should be or as good as you want them to be?

Well, we may just have a solution for you.

Does invidiousness bite at you when you think of Chimamanda and her dexterity with words?
Does it bite when your stories don't turn out as good as Nnedi Okorafor's?
Do your fingers itch and crave to become an alchemist of words and do you want to learn from experienced poets?
Do you wish to maximize your poetic potentials, to actualize your prosaic dreams and become a better writer?

Do you wish to maximize your poetic potentials, to actualize your prosaic dreams and become a better writer? @HrmAyomide @AbujaLitSociety #ALitFest18 #ALitFest Click To Tweet

Then you simply have to attend #ALitFest 18 and listen to patrons of the arts, who are experienced and well-known, instruct and explain the basics and fundamentals of poetry and prose.

The Abuja Literary Festival 5th-7th July, 2018 #ALitFest18 #ALitFest @HrmAyomide @AbujaLitSociety Click To Tweet

Join Dike Chukwumerije alongside Bash Amuneni at the Poetry Masterclass of #ALitFest 18 as they discuss poetry and how to pen down words in unique ways that simultaneously helps express one's self and illuminate the world and sit, listen and chat with Ishmael Beah as he helps dissect the foundation of prose writing and it's essentials at the Prose Masterclass.

"What is the #ALitFest," you ask?

Well, the Abuja Literary Society (ALS) is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the nascenscy of the first Literary and Arts festival in Abuja, #ALitFest which will hold from the 5th to the 7th of July, 2018.

For three days, #ALitFest promises to captivate its attendees with events such as ;

  •  art exhibitions for the art enthusiasts (and their follow-come chargers too)
  •  book panels and book swaps for the bibliophiles (there are even whispers of a book lounge),
  • a fashion show for the fashionistas (don't bring your mirrors, we'll have plenty)
  • presentation of unique Nigerian dishes for the (foodmongers) epicureans (starch and banga, very plenty indeed)
  • several panel discussions with topics ranging from Politics to Literature for (talkatives) the intellectuals.
  • the festival bar where eponymous aboriginal beverages such as the Okonkwo Beer will be enjoyed ( alcohol enthusiasts assemble !!!! ).
  • and Poetry and Prose Masterclasses with experienced veterans in Poetry and Prose writing like Dike Chukwumerije of Made In Nigeria, Bash Amuneni, and Ishmael Beah which will hold on the first day of #ALitFest

Event Details

Date: 5th July 2018
Time: 9:30AM - 11:45AM
Venue: British Council, Maitama, Abuja.

Register here.

The Abuja Literary Festival, #ALitFest 18 is themed Nigeria To The World so expect to see art and culture by Nigerians, expect to taste unique morsels and beverages indigenous to Nigeria and expect to experience Nigeria.

Click here to buy tickets.

#ALitFest 18 - Join us, come have fun as we make history and as you continue your journey to being the best version of yourself.

For more information, please contact Buchi on 07068826622.

The Abuja Literary Society (ALS) is a community of creative minds and patrons of arts established in 1998. We welcome writers, aspiring writers, book aficionados, intellectuals and everyone who appreciates the art to join her commune and her weekly meetings which have activities that range from Book Jams, Teen Talks, Open Mic Nights and the Book Club.

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