How to read any book in 5 simple steps

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Wondering how to make the best use of Panacea e-Library? That's easy!

Here are 5 simple steps to find any book you would like to read:

1. Open the app - If you're yet to download the app, click here to get the latest version.
Once the app is installed, open it and enter your login details. (If you're yet to create an account, you can quickly do so by clicking on register.)

The landing page on the app (see image below) allows you to vertically scroll through books on the library. If you're unable to find the particular book you want, you may use the search function as described in No. 2.

2. Open the menu, and navigate to "Search Library". (Image Below)

3. On the "Search Library" page, press the button with "KEYWORD SEARCH" written on it. (Image Below)

In the "KEYWORD SEARCH" box, type the Book Title, Word or Phrase of your interest area, and press "Search" (Images Below), you will be redirected to the results page where you can vertically scroll through available books based on your search.

Choose any book of interest on the list by tapping on "View Details".  You will be redirected to the book details page. (Image Below).

4. On the book details page, "License" determines how you can access the book. If the License is Free, then you don't need to make payment before accessing the book. However, you need to make a payment if the License is Premium. Simply tap the button with "Read" written on it.

5. If the book is Free, then the book opens and you can read immediately. (Image Below).

If the book is Premium, then you get a notification asking you to make payment. (Image Below). You can read any Premium book on Panacea e-Library for as low as 200 Naira only when you pay with "Flexi" subscription plan. 

That's it!

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