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Panacea Weekend Teaser

Hello friends! Let's get this weekend rolling with our weekend teaser. Do you think you know history well or you are great at making guesses? Or let's say you are the king or queen of sports. Well here are some awesome questions to prove it. In what year did the "soccer war" happen? Where is…
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Panacea Weekend Teaser 29th -30th of April 2017

It's weekend again. A big congratulation to you for making it to the last weekend in the month of April. to make this weekend a memorable one, participate in our weekend teaser. Here is the teaser for this weekend: 1.I have two arms, but fingers none. I have two feet, but cannot run. I carry well,…
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Panacea Weekend Teaser (Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd, April 2017)

It's a beautiful weekend, we believe you had a great work week. We care about you a lot, hence we have packaged fun and knowledge for you this weekend. Our Weekend Teaser is designed to help you enjoy your weekend while you learn. Here are the teasers: [bctt tweet="1. What key has fur?" username="PanaceaNigeria"] [bctt…
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