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Heroes and villains of Nigeria’s democracy by Leke Baiyewu

[bctt tweet="Heroes and villains of Nigeria’s democracy by Leke Baiyewu" username="PanaceaNigeria"] The democracy Nigeria enjoys today did not come on a silver platter; some Nigerians fought for it. With their lives, blood, tears and freedom, these Nigerians gave their all to earn the country democratic liberty. For pecuniary and other reasons, some other Nigerians pitched…
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Seven Things You Ought To Know About Malaria

As a Medical officer in a Nigerian hospital, perhaps one of the most striking issues you will have is simply how many cases of malaria you manage on a daily basis. From folks who waltz into your consulting room sure they have malaria to cases of children paper-white, death pale from anemia secondary to severe…
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Author, EZE Goes to School is Dead

Literary icon, Onuora Nzekwu passed on at the age of 86. He died on Friday night in his home in Onitsha, Anambra state said a member of his family. widely known for his novel: Eze Goes to school, Chief Onuora will be remembered for the role he played as the founding General Manager of News Agency…
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