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Naija: Our Present, Our Future.

  This time 59 years ago, our fathers and mothers were still in jubilation at the birth of our nation. A dawn of hope had come and they were enthusiastic about building their country for themselves and for their children. A country where the national cake would go round from palace to farm shed. The…
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Panacea Short Stories/Essays Competition – 2019Q4

Short Stories/Essays Competition; Have you sent your entry? Yippee! On September 1 2019, we opened our online short story and essay competition! If you have a passion for writing, whether fiction or non-fiction, you won't want to miss out on this. The competition will be held quarterly and our first episode will run from¬†September 1…
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Kunle Abrahams – My experience with Panacea e-Library

My relationship with Panacea started some 8 months ago, when I got their link through a Whatsapp friend and being a prolific writer that believes so much in leveraging on the reach of the internet, I quickly signed on. [bctt tweet="The first thing that caught my attention was the response-time to any challenge I may…
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