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Book Review: Eat Fit: A nutritional blueprint for healthy living

Some believe properly balanced diet keeps you going while others believe when you eat well you live well. Whatever you believe, it has been sufficiently established that eating fit could be learned and mastered, and we could all improve our health and also take note of our eating habits. In Eat Fit: A nutritional blueprint…
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Book Review: Taboo by Olugbenga Beckley

You only need to read the first few pages of Taboo to get really mesmerised by the opening hook of the author. In this Novel published 2017, Olugbenga tells a compelling story of Ade, a young boy who grew up in a family where abject poverty is the state they are in. As a young…
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Book Review: Finding The Richest Man In Heaven.

Finding the richest man in heaven is one of those books that you will not want to put down. Like fresh provender from heaven, the book is masterfully and beautifully written, full of wise direction, filled with life-changing applications and is simply a blessing to read. Author Julius Diamond dismisses darkness and guides in God’s…
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