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Author’s Profile: Ifesie Ozichukwu (A Star in the Sky)

Ifesie Ozichukwu Ifesie Ozichukwu is a student of English and Literature at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. A native of Nnobi deep in the heart of Anambra state, he is an ardent lover of prose fiction, and the trancelike capabilities of poetry. When he isn’t writing, he can be found contemplating the intricacies of human…
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Author Profile – Edoziem Miracle (Twelve Days of Christmas)

Edoziem Miracle Edoziem Miracle is a student of English and Literary Studies in the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu State. Currently in his third year, Miracle displays poise and control in his writing far beyond his years. It is apparent that his chosen field of study is not a decision you can call a coincidence.…
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Author Profile – Taiwo Ajuwon (Omotara)

Taiwo Ajuwon Tayelolu “Taiwo” daughter of Ajuwon, first of her name, is an author and so much more. She possesses a full spectrum of abilities which she is unafraid to show the world. As a lawyer, she is a fervent advocate for equity and equality. She is also a proud feminist and an ambivert; confident…
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