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Kunle Abrahams – My experience with Panacea e-Library

My relationship with Panacea started some 8 months ago, when I got their link through a Whatsapp friend and being a prolific writer that believes so much in leveraging on the reach of the internet, I quickly signed on. [bctt tweet="The first thing that caught my attention was the response-time to any challenge I may…
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Rising above Barriers

Thirty days has September, April  June and November, all the rest have thirty one… yes we are in September the ninth month in the year 2017. We want to officially welcome you to this month. The month of August was so eventful at Panacea. Thank you for being there. In the past month we learnt…
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Taking steps

Welcome to the month of August. We have completed seven months in the calendar of 2017. In the past month, we launched a digital library called Panacea, an e-book rental platform where readers gain access to premium books via a monthly subscription plan, generating revenue for content owners and providing knowledge for readers. Thank you…
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