Shave 10 hours off your work week: 4 proven strategies to create more margin for what matters most

Are you pressed for time? Learn how to create more margin for what matters most

By Grace Daramola

The consciousness that life comes faster than we can imagine is one reality that characterises our existence. Twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week are no longer enough to do all that is needed. 168 hours in a week sounds like is a lot of time but by Saturday you just realise that it is nowhere to be found. Should we ask for more hours a day? If that was possible, we would but is it?

In Shave 10 hours off your work week: 4 proven strategies to create more margin for what matters most, Michael Hyatt proves that it is possible to save as much as 10 hours in a week.
You think you know how to save time by cutting down on sleep, not eating well and other such strategies? Think again. Michael Hyatt shows that in trying to save time, the things (Sleep, Nap, food etc) we cut out are the most vital that can help us save as much as 10 hours per week.

For Hyatt, if you want to be productive you should have the right amount of sleep so that you won't slip out of opportunities. Put differently, to cheat sleep is to invite sleep to cheat on you. You think that it is difficult to sleep? Not anymore because Hyatt in this book gives practical steps on how to have a sound sleep.

From this great piece you also find out how you should eat. For the author, eat for the effect of the food because eventually, you are what you eat. Are you always moody? Some exercise will lift your mood thus you get to live more on your feet.

With a good those of historical references, Michael Hyatt enumerates practical steps that go into having a more fulfilling and productive day. I will briefly discuss some of them here.

Avoid negative people feed your mind. It never feels like we have enough time. It is not that we have a short life to live but that we waste it. Like Seneca says, people are frugal when it comes to guarding their estate, but most people don’t guard their time

Stressing the need to have a plan, Michael Hyatt holds that without a plan, you won't be proactive with your work. A plan helps us to get reoriented and back to work. It sieves away the mundane and things that are of no importance and allow us think through contingencies.

If you've ever worried about prioritising your list, relax. This book says the quadrant rule is just the best for you. It helps you to place, things that are important and urgent before things that are important but not urgent. You also get to clarify what is urgent for someone else but not for you and how to delete pointless distraction.

This book is a great read full of insightful and practical ideas. Expect to have a fun time as you immerse yourself in this great guide on time management.


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