Don’t let others rent space in your head

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Don't Let Others Rent Space in Your Head: Your Guide to Living Well, Overcoming Obstacles, and Winning at Everything in Life is a book for people who are tired of where they are, who are willing to hear the truth and ready to take steps.

Most people, if not all, desire to live well and win at everything in life. However the truth is: things don’t always come out the way we have planned. The challenges that come with success can be so overwhelming that we feel like throwing in the towel. The question that this book seeks to answer is: how do we keep going in the midst of these challenges?

Life is empty when everything and everyone control you. - @garycoxe Click To Tweet

Gary points out that the major issue to handle is allowing others to rent space in our heads. Comparing the mind to an estate, Gary opines that caring for your mind is like owning real estate. Some people are great investors and landlords, while others are not.

The book alludes to the fact that one’s mind can't be empty; in fact, even an idle mind is occupied by idleness. Gary teaches that as the owner of your mind, you are solely responsible for the people and things you allow to occupy your mind. If you have good people and good thoughts as tenants in your mind then you are sure to get the reward of having such tenants. Otherwise the reverse will be the case.

In the journey of life these tenants influence us a great deal. For example if you have a bad tenant you are surely going to be facing a lot of issues such as non-payment of rent, not managing the property right and the likes. The good news is if you have bad tenants you can evict them. Now that can cost you money, energy and time but what is important is that to keep the estate in good shape, you have to be ready to let go of anything that will be a hindrance.

Bringing the illustration to everyday life, one bad tenant is limiting beliefs. The longer you wait to evict, the more problems and expense you’ll experience. We should feel good about getting rid of the bad ones as soon as possible because we are not going to make anybody homeless and we didn't sign a contract with limiting beliefs.

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Gary tells us that when we refuse to let other things and other people rent space in our heads we think on a totally different level. Apart from that, it comes with a big gift which is taking charge of our journey by controlling the things that influence our behaviour. “Life is empty when everything and everyone control you,” he says. “Freedom of choice and freedom to succeed are enriching on so many levels, and the realization that these freedoms are a matter of choice can be incredibly empowering.”

Here are five nuggets from Gary

1. If you want to accomplish more and move to the next level in your life, your goal should be to be careful not only to avoid letting other people rent space in your head, but to also avoid letting other things and even your own negative thoughts take up valuable space.

Planning for negative outcomes is smart. Having a negative attitude isn't. -@garycoxe Click To Tweet

2. Motivation is an important step along the way, but true progress comes from correct, consistent action, and motivation alone can lead to action, but not necessarily correct action. It’s like pushing a parked car: You’ll be active, but you won’t be accomplishing anything.

3. Whenever the results you’re getting aren't consistent with your goals, the next logical step should be to look for ways to change, or at least look for ways in which you can be more open to change.

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4. People who are willing to learn and aren't defensive will grow and become exceptional team members.

5. If you don’t attain your goals on time it’s not the end of the world. The right attitude toward attaining goals is that it’s never as easy as it seems and it’s probably going to take longer that you think it will. But your goal is worthwhile and you should be committed to making it happen in spite of the unseen challenges.

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Achieving success has its twists and turns; however our ability to accept the fact that pain is going to be a part of the process and also plan the best possible course of action is half way to success. Gary puts it this way: Planning for negative outcomes is smart. Having a negative attitude isn't.

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