With all those ideas lying fallow, let us learn how to get started

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You might be 15, 20, 30, 50, 60 – we can go on and on – but what counts most is the legacy that we are able to leave in the sand of time. Our legacy is determined by that which we are able to achieve in the passing of time. But how can we achieve anything if we do not make the move, if we don’t take that much needed step?

In his book, Make Your Move And Make the Most of Your Life, Jimmy Calano teaches that to take a step is to have value for time because only those that have value for time know that being static shows that one does not have value life. Since life is defined by existence and existence in time, those that will take a step are those who understand the most precious unit in life is this day, and we’ve got a finite number of days to live. If one must live a meaningful life one must make the best use of today.

We will be cheating ourselves if we refuse to do what we ought to do now. Also we will only be fooling ourselves if we keep using up our limited supply of days on inconsequential activities and wasted effort. In the final analysis, what we accomplish in life is the sum total of what we accomplish every single day.

What we accomplish in life is the sum total of what we accomplish every single day. Click To Tweet

Talking about three strong Ps – purpose, passion, and pride – the author stresses that these are the factors that will determine the destination, how comfortable the ride is, and how far one travels. He adds that the journey will not always be smooth and this fact makes a lot of people attempt escaping unpleasant or seemingly overwhelming tasks, while others are avoiding the prospect of failure.

One very important point that Calano shares with his readers is that whatever you do comes with a price. If you don’t make that move, there is a price to be paid. He says dragging your feet can carry a hefty price tag – mentally, financially, physically and psychologically. If you don't make the move you will be a slave to perpetual anxiety, preoccupation with tasks left undone, and the consequent drop in self-esteem.

Sometimes we want to make the move but we are going about it the wrong way. To take a step is to plan, count the cost and break the entire process into manageable tasks that you can tackle in bits. Getting a task done can be very stressful. However, the tips shared in this book could help you move from a job not done to a job well done. Tips like counting the cost, making the move, believing that you can do it, overcoming inertia, breaking the task into bits are pivotal to seeing that you make that move and get the job done.

Quit talking and start doing what you always wanted to do. It will save you from anxiety. Click To Tweet

Now is the time to quit talking and start doing – doing what you always wanted to do. Interestingly, that helps us stay healthy. It is a way of saving ourselves from anxiety. Never think that you are too old to learn. Keep learning and keep applying what you have learnt.

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