Kenn Viselman’s Eight Giant Steps to Global Domination

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I have read some books, heard some songs about taking steps, making the right move, and taking leaps but there is none like Kenn Viselman's Eight Giant Steps to Global Domination.  In this wonderful piece, Kenn took us through what I will call the much needed truth that everyone needs to know when it comes to taking steps even when you think you can't.
An opportunist is someone who takes advantage of the possibilities that come his or her way.Kenn Viselman Click To Tweet This book is a result of one giant step that Kenn had to take. He battled with some questions within but thank God Kenn saw the need to get this book out despite the lack of "Fame". Kenn knew that he had a great deal to share with entrepreneurs, bringing him to the conclusion that whether you work in the mail room at Morgan Stanley or in the president's office of your own multi-billion dollar conglomerate, you have something positive to share with someone.
Why I love this book is simple. Kenn didn't tell us what he read somewhere, rather he told us what he went through to get to where he is today. To reach this height, he never saw himself as a non opportunist rather he decided to give being an opportunist a different definition. He says an opportunist is someone who takes advantage of the possibilities that come his or her way as opposed to one who grasps opportunities, often in an unprincipled way. Holding that he claims that he belongs to a new breed of business people who understand the importance of integrity and partnership, while not sacrificing the opportunity for advancement.
Take into consideration the factors going on around you that can help your plan.Kenn Viselman Click To Tweet Eight giant steps to global domination also teaches  great business principles that every serious business man or woman should hold dearly. According to Kenn, the number one rule of selling anything to anyone is to know your customers, however, you can obey this business principle and others too but the best-laid plans can be foiled if you do not take into consideration the factors going on around you.
A company's heart and soul are defined by its focus. Kenn Viselman Click To Tweet Kenn tells his readers to treat their business like a house, holding that before starting, one must know the objective of the house and what resources will be needed to build it, noting that a house of cards won't stand. Interestingly, what makes this "house"(business) stand is dependent on a foundation called focus. He affirms that regardless of the type of business one is working on, one's focus will determine the business's ultimate success. Stressing that a company's heart and soul are defined by its focus. Kenn defines focus as a forward-thinking vision which is open to the elements but not distracted by them, and which gives a clearly defined direction for the future.This is because another important component of focus is that focus is not limited to the here and now. Focus allows for future growth and is open to the possibilities.
Your focus will determine its ultimate success.Kenn Viselman Click To Tweet He affirms that business is like a marathon race: It s about envisioning you crossing the finish line when you're at the twenty-third mile and think you can't run another step. It's about pacing yourself. If you keep looking back or to the side instead of directing your energies forward you are likely to lose momentum and possibly trip and fall. A company's focus begins with a clear and concise mission statement. A mission statement is more than a feel good statement. It must project the philosophies, opinions, and commitments in order for the relationship to be strong, communication is needed to manage the expectations of the other party.
I am a great believer in learning by doing. Kenn Viselman Click To Tweet The bottom line is if you want to take that much needed step then I strongly recommend this book to you.

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