Absolute Honesty: Building a Corporate Culture That Values Straight Talk and Rewards Integrity

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Dishonesty, complicity and manipulation are common attitudes that pervade the organisational corridors and the mindsets of employees and employers alike. In Absolute Honesty: Building a Corporate Culture That Values Straight Talk and Rewards Integrity Larry and Bob repeat what we already know, in the long run, dishonesty does not pay. Beyond this, they also provide an alternative method of conducting business - creating a culture of absolute honesty, straight talk and integrity.

Everybody likes to be told the truth and not to be lied to. Click To Tweet While, they were quick to state that honesty is not necessarily welcome amongst employers and managers and that the one who decides to speak the truth may very soon be in need of another employment; the rewards and benefits of an honest organizational culture where forthrightness, candor and courage are encouraged and appreciated were described as trumping the risks involved.
"Organisations that value doing the right thing, telling the truth, promoting no-nonsense communication, and confronting difficult issues move ahead in their industries and markets by creating cultures of integrity, compelling brands, competitive advantages, productive workforces, consistent leadership and positive morale. In addition, the organisations that do the right thing can expect to avoid negative press and keep their officers out of jail more often than those that don’t."

Managerial behaviour creates a company's values Click To Tweet From chapters two to ten are described how to go about setting the right tone and direction that facilitate honesty and right behaviour, the six "laws" of absolute honesty that if practiced by everyone in the organization help to make a culture of honesty a reality, the ninth chapter particularly explains how to create an infrastructure that encourages integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior. Chapter ten provides a summary of the book and a review of the key points covered.
The first law of absolute honesty is telling the truth. To tell the truth, is not entirely an easy affair especially in the context of a corrupt and dishonest society, but as Larry and Bob proved, to tell the truth is to create trust and do what's right; in fact telling the truth is not as painful as we think and it pays off since we keep things simple, get the matter behind us and the alternative -lying, is more costly.

In this well researched and highly practical guide to cultivating a spirit of honesty, other laws are discussed (Tackle the Problem, Disagree and Commit, Welcome Honesty, Reward the Messenger and Build a Platform of Integrity) and the ways to practise these is by building an ethical infrastructure that incorporates Leadership, Philosophy, Communication, Training, Rewards and Consequences.
All in all, this book is a must-have and a must read for anyone who desires change in the ethical administration of businesses both large and small scale and in fact, honesty in any organisation. The benefits as outlined page by page in this book of absolute honesty far outweigh the risks involved. However, beyond reading the book is a need to practise the outlined principles and develop an enduring culture of absolute honesty in individual lives and the corporate world.

Amiola Ayomipo Jeremiah is the Medical Officer in Residence at the Owode Egba General Hospital Owode Egba Ogun State. A passionate educator, he believes that right behaviour amongst individuals and in organisations undergirds sociocultural growth and development. @ayomipoAmiola




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